Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Project 2 Chimera Draft

Project 1 Final Product

My Original concept for the Project 1 was to make a key blade pendant that was to be used as video game memorabilia. But when the first drafts came out I decided to take the concept a step further and give it a use than just for fashion purposes. The key is actually now a new form of event ticket to break away from the normal paper stub and wrist band. the way I did this was to actually personalize key tickets, to each specific event, for example this is a design for the Music festival Lost Lands. at the tip of the key there is a cut out where the RFID chip will be housed in the ticket itself.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Project 1 final Draft Design

Week 4 Response

This week I was unable to make the SEA3D field due to illness but I was able to make more changes to and a better conceptualization for my design of project 1. so far these are the change I've made to my piece, I've decide that the conceptual use for will be used as a festival ticket. since music festival use wristband normally I thought a nice change would be to make a pendant ticket instead. the Rfid chip will be inserted into the cutout piece on the tip of the key and upon entry you insert the key into a scanner the shape of a lock and when green the you will be allowed in. for concept purposes I chose lost lands music festival for the design.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Week 2 Reading responses

in the reading the articles talk about how 3D printing is becoming more common in todays lives. in architecture, DIY advocates, and other designers. people are using 3D prints to prototype ideas for what they wanna make. 3D printing is beginning to take the world by storm because it opens an outlet for people who are artistic but not very good at working with there hands to construct a piece digitally and then have a printer make it.

Project 1 Discussion- Week 2

this week we were introduced to our first project after being introduced to other features in fusion360. the basis of our project was to construct a wearable object. with this project we got a good amount of freedom to decide what we consider a wearable object is. for my process i wanted to make either a hat or a pendant of some kind. i started making shapes construct pieces and decided to make a keyblade pendant. the process was fun and challenging for a first draft.